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Rachel Wei

Makeup Artist /  Hair Stylist / Owner of  DW

Rachel is a talented passion unique worker. She is a makeup artist; based in Vancouver. 

Rachel had graduated at Blanche MacDonald Center which is known as a TOP makeup school in North America. She also had attended the University of British Columbia and got a major in Economics for 4 years. She is specializing in wedding makeovers and plenty of good reviews and feedback for her creative work. 

Rachel work for the most luxury brand -Tom Ford, Gucci Beauty, La Mer, and Burberry. She has many experiences about Cosmetics and Skincare. 

Her motivation is to hope that the makeup she gives to the customer is not only to cover up the flaws on the face, but also to enlarge the most beautiful part of the customer's face. Thus, has a belongs to own unique and has a natural beauty. Rachel has a very unique perspective way to capturing beauty.

Our Team 

Our team of stylists shares with her a high standard of excellence. Trained by Blanche MacDonald Centre, they are always attentive, artistic, and friendly.


We ensure every client has the best experience. From the moment you book, we make sure that every detail is perfect, and that you are satisfied and delighted with the outcome of the hair and makeup on the big day.


Whatever the desires our clients have, we are here to provide the most suitable design and service. We are looking forward to making your wedding a memorable one that you will never forget!


Every bride is unique; our vision is to explore the beauty in everyone with intimate, attentive, and affordable services.

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